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My name is Char. I am 26, happily married & currently working my dream job setting up weddings but also towards my dream of being a wedding planner. When I was planning my own wedding I got this amazing idea to become a wedding planner. I loved everything that went into the planning process, so I decided to go to school to get a certificate in wedding & event planning. I am still working on that, but as of right now I have been an officiant for 4 years. I have set up a wedding for a close friend already this year & am helping out with more in the coming months. My goal is to have my certification by the end of summer this year & start planning other's weddings soon,


I'd like to say I have a lot of creativity & I would love to be given the chance to help you out in any way I can.

I've dabbled in designing flowers & although I have a lot to learn, it is another nice way of using my creativity.

Shoot me a message & let's get the planning process started!

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